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Date: 21st October 2010

For those who haven't heard of the report designer, it is a free tool available within most versions of Sage Line 50, Sage 50 and Payroll, as well as in Sage 200. It allows you to customize your sage reporting, invoice or order layouts, or even create bespoke reports, all based on the data stored within your Sage software.

There are various versions of the report designer, with two major releases. Those with Sage Line 50 version 12 or below will have the original report designer, and those with Sage 50 version 13 and upwards, will have the new report designer with a more flexible interface and much enhanced functionality. Both versions are capable of producing complex reports based on data such as invoicing, stock management, sales analysis and so forth.

Please find a list of companies that can provide Sage Reports help.

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Sage Help - Provides expert help with reports and also custom reports

If you know what you want to see, we can advise on whether the reports are feasible. If the report is able to be developed, then we can quote and agree a fee in advance of the work, so you can decide whether or not to proceed.

If we get the green light, we can develop the report off site, and then send this to you via email, or can even install the report for you. Alternatively, we can develop the report directly on your system allowing you to review the report in real time, to ensure you are happy with the layout and results of this. This also has the added advantage of using live data from your own company, thus ensuring the results are as expected. As a further option, we can take a copy of your sage data from you and work on this offsite.

We can be as flexible as you need us to be!


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